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  TS Leather is renowned for its Motorcycle Garments including Suits, Jackets and Gloves all over the world. TS Leather was founded in 2000 and started as a manufacturer of Motorcycle gloves, Motor cross Gloves, Cycling Gloves and Weight Lifting Gloves. In inception it only manufactured gloves but after some years an evolution came out to make motorcycle clothing too.

Now TS Leather has become the professional leading manufacturers of all type of motorcycle clothing and it is constantly innovating professional clothes for the bikers to meet their needs.




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News 1
We have launched our new web site with much more new products and userfriendly features. ...
News 2
We offer comprehensive range of leather gloves, motorbike leather gloves, leather racing gloves and bikers gloves etc. ...
News 3
High quality motorbike leather suits made of premium full grain leather thickness 1.2-1.4mm are available at TS Leather. ...
We welcome your valued enquiry for your interested items. We supply superb quality at very reasonable price range. ...
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